Cougar Mountain

Cougar Mountain is a popular and well known suburban neighborhood in Bellevue, Washington consisting primarily of residential dwellings. About 80% of residential units are owned, with less than 20% rented. The majority of homes are three to four bedroom houses making this an ideal family neighborhood for those wanting a little more space in their lives. Cougar Mountain is located within King County and serves the Bellevue School District. The population of Cougar Mountain is 11,446. The neighborhood sits on the upper edge of Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park and enjoys easy access to both Issaquah and Bellevue.

Current homes for sale in Cougar Mountain:


Considered one of the best places to live in Washington, residents love the sparse suburban feel this area has to offer. Cougar Mountain is southwest of Lake Sammamish and east of Lake Washington. Completely backed by mountain, the Cougar Mountain neighborhood residential area sits on the edge of the Cougar Mountain Wildland Park. As part of the Eastern Puget Uplands, Cougar Mountain has the same ecological landscape as the rest of the Issaquah Alps. The Cougar Mountain neighborhood borders the neighborhoods of Montreux, Cougar Hills, Somerset and Newcastle.


Residents of Cougar Mountain enjoy living in the backyard of one of the most beautiful parks in the state. The Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park was established in 1983 as a means of protecting the natural beauty of the area. While two thirds of Cougar Mountain have been turned into residential area, the main portions of the mountain are protected as parklands and enjoyed by the public. These parklands, covering over 3,115 acres, contain 12 miles of horse-riding trails and 38 miles of hiking trails. There are also portions of a lingering Cold War missile site for history buffs. 

Located near Cougar Mountain, The Harvey Manning Trailhead leads to a plethora of trails and provides beautiful northern views with the occasional appearance of Mt. Baker. There are a number of peaks to summit for those interested in hiking. With caves, streams, wetlands, and the occasional wildlife, residents love exploring this area.


Cougar Mountain falls under the Bellevue School District, one of the strongest in Washington. The Bellevue School District is ranked #2 for schools in Washington, out of 254. It also scores high on other awards such as #8 on districts with the best teachers and #9 on best places to teach in Washington.

This area has experience much growth in the last ten years. The school district now has over 21,600 students and a student teacher ratio of 19 to 1. The graduation rate is 94% with students scoring high on both SAT and ACTs.

The Bellevue School District has 16 elementary schools, 1 Spanish Immersion elementary school, 1 Mandarin dual language elementary school, 5 comprehensive middle schools, 4 comprehensive high schools and 2 choice schools. As stated on the Bellevue School District website, 97 languages are spoken within the district, with 39% of students speaking a first language other than English. It is a diverse and rewarding environment for students.

Communities within Cougar Mountain

The hub of the community would be the Lakemont Village Shopping Center, a small business complex that stands between a Thriftway Grocery and a Starbucks. Also nearby is the Lakemont Town and Country Market. The Lakemont Village serves a variety of needs and has an optical store, UPS, veterinarian, dentist, dry cleaner, bank, nail salon, hair salon, and teriyaki restaurant.


Many styles of homes exist in the Cougar Mountain neighborhood, giving plenty to choose from. There has been much growth in single-family homes. About 80% of the residential units in the area are occupied by homeowners, much of these being single detached homes. Most Cougar Mountain homes were constructed around 1990. Cougar Mountain receives high ratings for livability and is considered an affluent neighborhood to live in. Homes in Cougar Mountain range from $900k to $3 million.

Average Price per Square Foot of Homes for Sale in Cougar Mountain over the past 14 months:

To and From Commuting

Cougar Mountain borders on the neighborhoods of Montreux, Cougar Hills, Somerset and Newcastle. Only a couple miles away from Interstate 90, it is an easy drive to downtown Seattle, Bellevue or Issaquah. Public transportation can be somewhat limited in Cougar Mountain but there are a few bus lines. The majority of residents travel by car.

Around Cougar Mountain

The Cougar Mountain Zoo is an 11-acre zoological park known fondly for it's zoo habitants and conservation education. Much of the animals have been born and raised in the zoo, which opened in 1972. As a non-profit, the zoo aims to teach others about the important of biological and ecological diversity. The park contains cougars, tigers, reindeer, wolves, lemurs and alpacas.

Squak Mountain is another beautiful local attraction. Squak is situated between Cougar and Tiger Mountains, alongside interstate 90. This state park has 1,570 acres of lush forest. It is easy to access Squak Mountain State Park through the Cougar-Squak Corridor.

For shopping and fine dining, many prefer to explore downtown Bellevue. Another fun way to support the local economy is through the Issaquah Farmer's Market. This local favorite supports farmers and small businesses and is a great way to learn about what is harvested in the area